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DIY 2 seat paratrike


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We have DIY tool and accordingly DIY propeller 2m diameter guards now. Were trying to use it like hulahoop but not successfully. 

And there is front wheel with brakes and suspension (the half of Mercedes Sprinter front spring). As for me I'd rather use hydraulic motorcycle brakes but the customer insisted on bikes brakes personally I think are useless at all to deal with such weight.





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15 minutes ago, arthurmoto1 said:

Yes that's it! Actually the tubes are paper thin but of large diameter. But the is a problem they react on welding so much we have to correct geometry every time after welding.

I'm assuming that's stainless tube... what wall thickness and did you roll those shapes yourself?
I would think its pretty tough to get a curve in such a large diameter, thin wall stainless tube.

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Sorry it's too late! My buddy gave it back to the metal workshop. But I can tell you it is very simple and consists just of three rollers and motor that drags the tube. Your task is to move the middle roller with the screw during the process. And the tube is of 52 mm diameter and 1 mm thickness (I was wrong about 1.5 mm).


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Good news! It flyes but  engine is a real beast! I think we have to make something to switch off one cylinder in the fly because it is too powerful. Wait for video. It is enough to have the engine just idling to move but 1/2 throttle seems to make possible to turn trike over! 

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20 hours ago, arthurmoto1 said:

But I can't attach photo... something is wrong.

I have come up against that problem.
You can only post so many images, then you are kind of out of storage... Its quite debilitating!
I am sure Simon or the software has its reasons for limiting image uploads but its not fun for information sharing.

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