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I am a new PPG interest and will be taking my flying course in a month or two. Age 59, athletic and in good physical condition. I would like to know if the Ozone Spyder is ok for a first time pilot. I am also looking to buy the Nitro 200 with one of the Titanium frames. (not selected yet). I hope to get info from this site as i do not have anyone close that Paramotors to ask questions to .

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Rockon, hi, and welcome

I bought the spyder wing as my first wing after learning, and think it is great!  Nice and light, so easy to launch in low wind. I also bought the Nitro 200 as it is the lightest one with electric start, and havent been disappointed.  

You might want to wait till you have done your training first before investing in the kit.  You will have a better idea of what you want then.




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Hi, I did my first few flights (and ground handling learning) using a school wing. Then the rest of my training was on a Roadster. I liked it so much I still fly it after 200 hours!.

I initially had a Parajet V3, then switched to Nitro. I now have a Nitro and a Tornado. I love both as the super light weight really helps my old knackered joints (I'm 58). I have elec start and clutch on both and never had any elec issues. I've just upgraded to the new aluminium swing arms on my Nitro...they are more comfortable.


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Hi Rockon

Done the training in Spain and then went and bought a Nirvana Rodeo (very well engineered but weights a bit...).

So after that, sold the Nirvana and bought a Nitro 200 with el start and clutch- fantastic! And a Spyder and even though not much flying, the combination is great. You will not be disappointed. I like the combination so much, that I will buy another one this year for use in UK.

Keep you eyes open, there are bargains coming all the time.

Good luck!



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Thanks for the responses. Unfortunately because of Covid  restrictions here and there are delays getting wings and paramotor in a reasonable amount of time. It would have been best to take the course and buy after but if i want to fly this Spring i had to order now. I ended up ordering the Kangook K2 with a Moster 185 with clutch and Ozone Roadster 3 28 m and a APCO SLT harness – Low hook-in Large.

Cant wait to fly here in BC Canada

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