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  1. Andy, hi, That is an impressive difference in fuel consumption. What tuning did you do to the carb to get that fuel consumption? What are the positions of the low and high screws on the carb? cheers Jon
  2. Hi, Yes, agreed. Really interested to see how it goes with an electric paramotor I’ve donated and look forward to following the journey
  3. Greg, hi, it may do. I spoke to Barry about that, and he said he had an arrangement with ATC to notify them when there was flying, and they would give permission. Let’s see. still worth helping get permitted use cheers jon
  4. Hi, ‘Barry’s field’ is well known to people in the Surrey area and beyond as a good place to fly from. It has been used for paramotoring and other light aviation for many years. Barry is now applying for permitted development rights to allow the field to formally be used for more than 28 days a year. He is keen to hear from anyone who has been flying from the field in the past so he can show the evidence of its use Barry has asked for anyone who has flown from the field in the past to give him a call. His number is 07884 261108 cheers jon
  5. Greg, hi, ‘I’m planning to go Sunday eve cheers jon
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  7. Paul, hi, 3 of us are planning to be there this eve around 7.30. We had a good flight this morning cheers jon
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