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Airfield incursion


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This guy sounds like a damp wank tissue. I’ve just seen his post on Facebook paramotor group complaining about an ‘airfield incursion‘. It was out side of controlled space so he’s got delusions of grandeur if he thinks he owns the sky over his field, the paramotor pilot has as much right to be over his field as he does, or anyone else. There were no other aircraft active in the circuit at the time anyway so this is one of those bleating complainers who probably writes letters to his MP in green ink and then pleasures himself whilst biting on an orange ball.. The only mildly valid point is that the ppg looked to be within 500 feet of an overgrown shipping container hidden in the trees that the ppg pilot probably couldn’t see. it looked like 500 feet to me, and if not, move on, it’s a 2 stroke hanging under a bit of fabric, not a Lear jet. 


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On 24/09/2020 at 11:35, Steve said:

Bit of a strange way of dealing with it. 

The 'owner of Ashcroft' is a somewhat strange character..... he is a litigious type of guy & has the interpersonal skills of a braindead gorilla.
His Ashcroft website is always a great source of aviation entertainment as he wants to sue anyone who makes a tiny mistake on his airstrip ( most of his squabbles are so petty they are funny to read about ).


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