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Big guys have less fun? (paramotor)


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Currently in ppg training. I have always been tall, slim, athletic but have gained as I have aged and now weigh 246 lbs, down from my all-time max of 258 a couple months ago! I have a ways to go, hope to continue losing to get comfortable and toned better. Have gotten out of shape but am correcting that with all the ground handling and also doing some sprints, some weight training.

I note that if I use an online calculator for wing size, it's showing 31 - 33 meter wing. Does that sound right? Have tried to be realistic with adding weight of EVERYthing the wing would carry. Latest estimate showed me at 148kg with everything.

That size wing sure seems big! Unwieldy, yes, but does it handle like mush for ground handling? I'm not sure biggest I have kited, but I might have kited as big as a Universal 28. Even if I were to lose a LOT of weight, down to 189 lbs, which I was at running marathons 25 years ago!... it calculates to a 27 meter wing. I suppose that's just the way it is for bigger people? No fixes for that? With a wing that big, can big guys enjoy ppg just as much as others?

At my age, safety is of primary concern but I am intrigued by the soaring aspect of ppg as well as maneuvering but staying safe. Even free flight some day. It seems the lighter one is, the better but there is a limit. For instance, if I were to work like hell and take a year or whatever to get down to 189, that's pretty much the lower limit of weight for me.


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I forgot to add wing weight and harness weight. Now, after doing that and getting even more accurate for all numbers, I am calculating 158.84 kg total weight based on what I weigh right now, 246 lbs. I saw a video where the narrator took total weight in kg and divided by a factor of 4.6 to arrive at the size wing required. Does that seem right? If so, that puts me needing a 34 sq meter wing!

(Fuel tank half full. As for instruments, I don't know about that at this time.)

All below in pounds:	
246	body weight
6	clothes
58	motor
9.6	fuel
9	reserve
15.1	wing
6.5	harness
0	instruments
350.201665	lbs
158.8488032	kg
4.6	factor
34.53234852	sq meter wing


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My all up flying weight is 140 kg before adding in any extras like radio, map, tent or whatever. I am underweight on a Roadster 28 m (160 kg max) and top of the weight range on my 26 m (140 kg max). I have to run 3 mph faster on the smaller wing to take off.....but don't really notice it.

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23 hours ago, nameuser said:

Let me ask this in a different way for clarification.

If I understand yo correctly.... All things being equal....
24 meter will need a faster run to launch, will be more responsive to inputs, be faster(1 or 2 mph), will need a little more power in cruse and be a bit more of a handful to get back under control if it departs from standard flight :) 

I like to be heavy on my wings (even in free-flight) but my legs are getting old and my motor heavy and low powered means I'm beginning to struggle to launch in low winds (23 meter Niviuk kougar 2)

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