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  1. Let me ask this in a different way for clarification. Assuming skillsets are equal, would a pilot requiring/flying, say, a 31 sq meter wing be able fly about the same as a pilot requiring/flying, say, a 24 sq meter wing? (Just examples of larger to smaller.)
  2. I forgot to add wing weight and harness weight. Now, after doing that and getting even more accurate for all numbers, I am calculating 158.84 kg total weight based on what I weigh right now, 246 lbs. I saw a video where the narrator took total weight in kg and divided by a factor of 4.6 to arrive at the size wing required. Does that seem right? If so, that puts me needing a 34 sq meter wing! (Fuel tank half full. As for instruments, I don't know about that at this time.) All below in pounds: 246 body weight 6 clothes 58 motor 9.6 fuel 9 reserve 15.1 wing 6.5 harness 0 instrument
  3. Currently in ppg training. I have always been tall, slim, athletic but have gained as I have aged and now weigh 246 lbs, down from my all-time max of 258 a couple months ago! I have a ways to go, hope to continue losing to get comfortable and toned better. Have gotten out of shape but am correcting that with all the ground handling and also doing some sprints, some weight training. I note that if I use an online calculator for wing size, it's showing 31 - 33 meter wing. Does that sound right? Have tried to be realistic with adding weight of EVERYthing the wing would carry. Latest estimate
  4. I have seen a number of wing collapse videos. Sure wish it weren't so! What height does one need to be to deploy a reserve effectively? Is it fair to say that this is the height that one should routinely fly as a minimum? For one who is not reckless and flies pretty routine stuff, no aerobatics, no fancy maneuvers, and wants to do whatever is possible to remain safe but enjoy paramotoring, what do you think is the overall safety? Such as, it's safer than riding a motorcycle? I've seen that somewhere, don't know if it's true. Are trikes safer than foot launch? Totally "out o
  5. AndyB, what is your background with small engines, do you have a lot of experience? Do you like to tinker with stuff. Just curious. Thanks to you guys for insight. Your comments and those by Blackburn Mark are interesting, that was an odd problem. I had a chainsaw one time that had a baffling problem and, wow, even the 'experts' were a bit challenged. There is a forum that was very helpful; there are some people who know a LOT about chainsaws and they (edit: chainsaws) are not as simple as they seem.
  6. Could you guys please start another thread, I'd love to hear others comments about the OP. Thank you.
  7. I am in USA. Wondering if others deal with this. Learning to fly now. Say you are fired up about flying paramotor but you're not exactly a whiz with small engines. Yes, I know basic mechanical skills... maintained a two stroke motorcycle as a kid and I've run and maintained chainsaws for a few years. But it certainly is not my bag and not something I look forward to. Tinkering is not my thing. But it seems with this sport, you certainly need to be that type. What have others found to be the case? Can you get support from forums this when things go wrong or questions arise? Establish face to fa
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