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Christmas conundrum.


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The weather down here has been absolutely dire - i haven`t flown since October 22. With the end of BST flying windows have to coincide with weekends.

With the Xmas break i have nearly twelve days off work - you`d think that there would be a flying opportunity in twelve days, wouldn`t you?

And there is - tomorrow, Xmas day!

Fly/no fly?


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Of course i went flying!

Not only that but managed to stay in the air for 3 hours twenty minutes, my longest flight ever i think.

I wore five layers which made it tolerable, no too bad, quite manageable considering the time of year.

I was expecting the field to be a bit boggy and it was, i had to stop half way up the sloping field when i started to lose traction in the car which made for an uphill launch and run-out due to the wind direction. Luckily the trusty Lift made it a first-time effort and i was up and away with no issues.

The wind direction was always going to be variable today according to which forecast you looked at and at what height, i was 40 miles out from home and downwind, turned around and had to hug the ground a little bit lower than i usually would to make reasonable progress but made it home easily enough - the Moster seemed to like the cool,dense air and i had half a tank to go after 2 hours in the air. I haven`t worked out the burn yet but i think it`ll probably be about ~3.6 - not too bad for me.

The Iphone battery gave up after about 2 hours and Flyskyhy showed 60 miles up to that point, i estimate i did another 20+ miles after that.

There was a bit of drama leaving the field though, the car got stuck in the mud and i had to use car mats underneath the wheels + plenty of clutch action and revs to get the thing going. That would of made a memorble Xmas - having to phone home to get the rescue party out to give me a push! I hope the farmer ain`t too pissed off about the trenches in the ground.....






On 24/12/2019 at 14:42, richjones said:

I’ll be flying with a couple of mates at 8 tomorrow morning then the rest of the day as normal 🍺 

Early! Not even waiting `til it warms up a bit?

Have you used the Penkridge site yet?


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Me as well.... got 2 half hour flights today bringing my total up to 8!!.. 😂

Very low cloud on my 1st flight, so pretty murky , but as soon as I landed the flippin sun came out with lovely blue sky.🤨

So anyway I scoffed some sandwiches and tea and went back up again.Awesome. What a great sport this is!

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