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Bore Chase 2019 new rules (all to read please)

admin (Simon W)

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As you are most likely aware to some degree.. I attended a council meeting last night in Arlingham (bore chasers site) 

The main purpose of the meeting was to respond to complaints that happened as a result of the last event, in the main theses were: 

1. Low flying close to animals, building, farm workers.

2. Early morning noise concerns. 

3. Lack of notice for the event.

4. Privacy.

5. Of course the fireworks were too big. (which I proudly accepted 100% responsibility for)  

These concerns were fired at me in varying ways from different people from the village and the council and my responses are below: 

1. I informed them that the Paramotor Club teaches and adds animals to the 500ft rule (even though it does not legally exist) I would like to remind all of the BHPA, APPI, and INDI trained pilots who attend the event of what I see as sensible addition to the 500ft rule. PLEASE DON'T ignore this PMC s.o.p. if you would like to remain welcome. 

My personal phone number will be made public for use by anyone who feels the need to call it over the weekend. (translated) I don't want my phone to be ringing all weekend please. 

2. The early morning noise has been addressed in three ways,

A: First take not before 08:00

B: New holding area on other side of river

C  addition of no fly zone over Arlingham. 

3. A publication in the local magazine (deadline 16th March) letting people know how we intend to reduce our impact during the event. 

4. 500ft rule explained, built up area 1000ft rule explained (all low flying rules) explained. Please remember, Arlingham is a built up area and should be treated as such by all pilots. unless landing or taking off, an aircraft should be 1,000 ft over a built up area or glide clear, whichever is the highest. 

5. No fireworks for bore chase events, I can save them all up for the summer one instead! :-)

There will be a map of the area which essentially restricts all flying over Arlingham to Emergencies onlyTo simplify this, if you are not taking off or landing be on the other side of the river. Please let me know if you are at all confused about this before you take off. 

On the plus side, the council were actually very positive about the event and keen for it to continue, I think putting these measures in place now will secure the events future for us to continue to look forward to. 

Any questions or queries please post here, PM me, call me, e-mail me, Whatsapp me, or any one of the other million ways to get in touch :-) 

See you all there soon!!! :-) :-) :-) 

SW :D 

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Well done mate... its lots of hard work for you but I'm sure it'll be worth it! Now please don't hate me, but I'm really not fussed about fireworks!!!! 🤒

So there's no flying below 500ft on the camp side of the river (unless using the field)? Not a problem, just making sure I've got it right.

It may pay to have a rib or something to assist if anyone decides to land t'uther side of the river or go for a wetty (I won't mention Dickie at all here)!

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I don't hate you mate, it's OK to have a feminine side. :-) 

Ideally, no flying on our side of the river unless taking off or landing. ( The map will make it clear I hope :-)

The rib only works when the tide is in for a short window (basically while the tide is coming in and or is in, not while its going out or when it is out) so it's going to be Nigel D with his recovery canoe thing again lol :-)

My advice, stay glide clear to our side, foot dragging is (as always) a risk that some will take and others wont. Foot dragging on our side of the river is OK when not at Arlingham (the horse shoe shaped bit we are in) 

The boat is of course out when the tides come past and we have an agreement in place. 

Thanks for asking the questions, I would much rather say it a hundred different ways to make it clear, than it be not clear. :-) 

Any others, please ask away! 


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