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I just want to set my EOS engine on fire. Not recommended.


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I bought a SkyMax Expedition with the EOS 100 Booster engine in 2017. I had to go overseas for over a year and only came back in 2018 to the brand new setup.

I got it professionally assembled by a SkyMax dealer and started on my roadtrip around Australia. The dealer only does Skymax combos with the Vittorazi motors because they have been unimpressed by EOS.

- After only 5 hours the plastic spindle that the pull start rope coils around cracked. The rope doesn't recoil back into the housing even though the internal spring is fine.

- Contact EOS Engine via Facebook Messenger and he says he sent a replacement spindle on 12/14.

- 12/16 - I ask for a tracking number. No response.

- 12/20 - I ask for a tracking number. No response.

- 12/29 - He texts me with "Got the part??" and I say "no" and again ask for the tracking number. No response.

- Ok, by this time I've already paid for an week and a half of accommodation at the place where I'm having the spool sent to. As I mentioned, I'm in the middle of traveling around Australia. 

- 1/3 - I ask how much it would cost for a new drive belt and the new Easy Starter. No response. 

My Australia visa expires on 1/18. My road trip has ground to a complete halt while waiting for this part and not having a tracking number and being ignored by EOS Engine means I have no way of planning for the future. 

This motor has 5 hours on it. I've tried Skymax and they say that unfortunately they can't help me service EOS engines.

I am beyond frustrated right now. This is all on Facebook Messenger. I *know* that he has seen my messages and he has ignored me a total of, what, 4 times now? And all because of a stupid f*cking spindle. 

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I'm not so sure the EOS FB page is being run by an affiliate of the actual company.  I've gotten sketchy replies from same on fb messenger also.  I didn't put much faith or stock in it.  Luckily Matt has my back and knows the top folks up there in Austria and got me some real service from the top down.  I would try to contact Parajet and get a good contact for EOS from them.  The FB angle is only gonna disappoint.  Good luck.

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