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BHPA, APPI? The very basics...

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Hi Guys,

I'm brand new to this forum having only just discovered the amazing form of flight that is Paramotoring!

I've always had a drive to get in the air, but have always found the expense to be too much, whether in training costs, vehicle costs, or hangarage. 

Paramotoring is definitely proving to be the right path for me, affordable, fun, and a strong community in an emerging sport.

I have been reading online, and to be honest the information surrounding training is a little vague.  Some courses endorse BHPA, others APPI, however it says in most places that this is not a mandatory requirement? Can anyone possibly point me in the right direction. I am based in South Essex and cannot wait to get my wings, just want to give myself the best start.

Thanks All,


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Get yourself over to Simon at Membury. He is a very experienced instructor and was involved in setting up a very comprehensive training schedule in the earlier years of paramotoring, with the team including a senior training captain in the aviation industry.

The PMC syllabus has been approved as the official training for PPG in Sweden.

Specific training isn't mandatory in the UK (nuts!) but the PMC will get you in the air safely flying a paramotor quicker than going down the BHPA route.

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I didn't train with Si but I have been doing this long enough that I did review a couple of things during the syllabus development.

I finished my training in France by training for and passing the Pilote D'ULM (Classe Paramoteur). This is the French microlight rating.

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