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Had enough of nil wind failures... didn't even try tonight. Not good.


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Hi folks

I'm not very up to date with what the kids are buying these days but my racey wing is just not cutting it on nil-wind take-off's. So what if it has 2.183 knots higher speed over an easier wing to launch...? I do not give a monkeys. I just like flying and want to enjoy the same easy take-offs I used to have with my old-fashioned, ultra-easy, Paramania basic, beginner's wing.

The field I use is ALWAYS nil wind and I am always alone so it is a right pain to have to re-set up my "drogue chute" (which is what my wing is right now in nil-wind) when it fails. I just need a wing to be able to get up and enjoy flying again. I'm not trying to set world records or be fast. What is the easiest wing to launch today?

What makes it worse and more insulting is that I have a monster powered paramotor with lots of experience now so it should not be an issue.

Thanks in advance


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you did not say what wing your having trouble with. I too used to struggle with nil wind take off but on last three wing I have flown not a problem. I think its because they are smaller wings and inflate and rise up fast. I set up for a forward and walk forward till I feel for centre of wing then take 3 steps back. I then lean forward a bit and rev engine to produce air flow for a minute. I then drop to idle and immediately run forward getting straight onto some power and staying on the A lines till wing locks over head. This will only work if you have a strong cage. 

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Hi All

Sorry for the lack of reply. I don't visit PMC site much and since the messages aren't pushed to my email, I don't see them until I visit for a reason - as I did this morning to take down a reserve parachute I've sold that is still advertised here that somebody asked me about. Does anybody know how that enquiry about the reserve goes through to my email but posts don''t? Simon W? Any idea?

Still haven't resolved (or been flying at all frankly due to this lovely weather at the time of year) the nil wind issue. It is an Ozone Speedster. Much appreciate the feedback. I've tried all the usual. It just doesn't come up like a light crispy wing. Reminds me of my APCO Simba PG wing back in the early 2000's. APCO was much heavier than what I was used to because they put a layer of UV protection on. Just made it that much harder to flick up above your head in nil wind and you had to run harder/ commit more. Less expensive to abort when running at full speed without a motor on your back at full chat! Scary if you are on a cliff launch though. Had to get used to it though for competition. I think if I was flying regularly/ every week I'd probably nail the Speedster but I fly very rarely lately.

Probably won't get out flying for a while due to weather but when I do I'm advised by a friend to try his new Dudek Reportair which apparently changed everything and he enjoys flying again.

Will update when I have any news.

Regards and thanks


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Well I went out this evening and found no wind. When I say no wind, I mean drop a piece of tissue and you would think you are on the moon, type of no wind.

So after some ground handling to tire me out and decided to use Poz's (Dan) 10 point zero wind take off plan. It worked really well. Just one issue. The A's on my Roadster have those little plastic clips on the metal triangles to hold the lines in place at the top. With 50% power, as I was running, my right thumb pushed the plastic off and went neatly through the triangle. It was well stuck! It was so stuck that trying to pull it out pulled the A's down! it had to stay there until I had enough height to get my left arm round the inside of the left riser, lean across and assist.

I was taught to hold the A's between thumb and first finger. In future they will be hooked over my thumb!

Anyway, it was worth the effort. The second pic is me flying over the Estepona radio control club. Plenty of planes in the air but too small to see on pic.


Estepona RC club.png

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