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Looking at training (reading area)

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Hi everyone, 


after recently deciding I fancy a paramotor, I'm looking at training courses

any recommendations? 

Would like something at a reasonable price point 

I understand I don't need a qualification as such but basic training. 


Open to ideas 



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James feel free to give us a call anytime if you want to come and see some kit and talk about lessons etc. There are many options for training in the UK and Abroad.   

www.sussexparamotors.co.uk or 07867317307 if you want a chat..


All the best 


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Can highly recommend Simon didn't train with him personally but have met dozens of his students all at a high standard and sound understanding of the sport also always has a great bunch of people around him staff and pupils. And on you doorstep is an added bonus

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Hello James,

From a new pilot myself, (2 flights) I took my first flight a few weeks ago with Simon and his team at Membury. When I decided, I rang a few people who had been trained already to get their opinion on the training they had. All very positive and those included people that had written training blogs here too. And I went and had a day at Membury. Everyone was friendly. All different types of people and background but everyone was welcoming and encouraging and had that every visit thus far. I and a few others will be there probably wed and thur this week too, weather permitting. Come down for a coffee and chat. You won't regret it.


Shameless plug for my last visit

And welcome to sport


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Hi James, I'm recently qualified myself and trained with Simon and Colin and I can't recommend them enough.  They are both incredibly professional and their teaching methods are relaxed and fun so there's never any pressure and always a great vibe at the airfield.  Nothing is ever too much trouble for them no matter how many times you need keeping check things and as I live in Ascot (right in Heathrow airspace) Simon let's me use Membury to fly from whenever I can.

Feel free to message me if you want to ask any questions!


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The only place to train is with Simon and Colin at membury airfield they take time showing you the kit so u understand what you our doing making the first flight easy with no pressure they our always happy and wanting to make the training fun and safe 

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