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Newbie needs answers

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Breakdown - 40yrs old - always looked from afar never realised just how affordable and accessable paramotoring was (relatively speaking) until now and looking to invest time in a new adventure to see the world from a different perspective. I am about to buy a new motorcycle (2017 z1000sx GT) and would like to know if I can fit a paramotor and wing in travel case on top of the rear seat and side cases. if anyone can shed some light on travel dimensions it would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Will and welcome to the Paramotor Club. :-) 

One of our members Richie, has a GS1200 and often travels to us with his motor and wing attached. 

You would need one of the machines which breaks down fully. He has a Parajet Zenith for this exact reason but in a nutshell, its a proven YES :-) 

Where about are you in the country?



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Crikey well done Richie! I read Will's message and thought to myself... nope, that's just not possible!

Where the hell does Richie stow the wing, helmet and reserve? That's going to be a very busy bike. Very cool mind.

At times I struggle to fit all my flying shite in my camper!!!

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5 hours ago, admin (Simon W) said:

Assembling looks like a right pain in the arse, but doable I guess.

I'll never say 'I've no room in my car for this...' again. :-)


My wording may be slightly wrong.  I really meant dismantling/attaching it all to a bike safely seems a pain in the arse, but doable.

I know/seen the Zenith can be assembled in 15 minutes :-)


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Thanks for your help with that one guys, 

seeing the GS set-up I'm looking to change my bike to a Kwak Versys or Africa Twin with aftermarket panniers instead of the SX as it'll have no problem shifting that lot. For me the new bike and learning to paramotor go hand-in-hand as the ulitmate freedom to explore just add a hammock/flysheet and some basic camping equipment and I'm off.

PS Simon I'll be travelling from Bushey/Watford

Many thanks,


Givi-HONDA AFRICA TWIN (16)_lato.jpg


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