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Hi, Dave here. I am 46 and a total novice. I am going to be staying in Stevenage, Hertfordshire for the next six months and looking to hook up with others, even if it's just to chat so that I can learn more about this sport. Not sure how best to achieve my goal ie EP/CP course or straight in for the PPG course. Any advice?



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I am getting confused! Having viewed many PPG schools on the web, I am wondering what training you actually get for your money. Some schools give different number of days of training, some want to sell you their equipment as part of their training but I can't find any with a complete syllabus. How many take offs and landings are you expected to do, how much flight time is included and what manoeuvres should be done as part of your airborne time? Any cross country and navigation skills, parachute deployment etc. I have also seen lots of videos of instructors on YouTube, some sound and look good and others! It would appear that some schools follow bhpa syllabus but what exactly is the syllabus? Am I missing something?

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I would phoneup and ask the school if i were you. The last time I looked you could type in your postcode on the BHPA website and it found a school near where you lived. There's other non BHPA schools too, I suspect there will be a list of them on internet too somewhere.

I wouldn't advise anyone who's never flown to commit to buying any equipment until they have qualified.

Where do you live?

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Many thanks Simon.

The trouble for me is that different schools say different things eg you must do a EP first, you are advised to do a EP and CP course first to be a better and safer pilot. A school must have a simulator like ours, some students take several extra days to complete their course thereby increasing the cost by several hundreds of pounds, on top of the course fees there are additional fees of petrol, oil and equipment if not using your own etc. One school writes that once qualified, you can't fly more than two miles from your take off  (if I read it correctly)!

The more I read the more confused I get.



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Remember just because you are learning with A school doesn't mean you have to buy there kit... if that is how they want to teach you walk away.... 

Also if you go with a BHPA school you will have much cheaper insurance that will cover you for flying as many wings as you want. you will be able to easily convert to PG Hill, as you will already have a BHPA rating..  The insurance is MUCH cheaper... I worked out if I wanted to get AXA or who ever it was It would cost me £100's as i have about 4-5 wings compared to my £90 BHPA. 

Also remember there are Very good Instructors and also some Very Bad out there...  Go meat as many as you can, ask around and as Simon said find one you Gell with!! 

Good luck and when you do start... Fly Safe.

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The EP course teaches you how to ground handle :-) ( so does everyone else or you would never take off!! :-):-) ) 

Maybe I should call the PMC courses EP and CP 'combination' courses if would help :-) 

We ALL have a sylibuss, they are just called different things, For example, the BHPA EP and CP course combined would equate to the PMC PPG1 course. (roughly) 



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Tachwedd' I tried the the hill first then paramotor idea route.  Gave up'' booking a day off work then phone up school in the evening only to have the day blown out not good ,  so signed up with Pmc school things started move on then , ground handle all day till your ready to fly . 

Unless it was stupidly windy or raining you ground handle .

cas . 

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Several friends of mine have asked me about experiencing a short PPG tandem flight without the need of doing a days course, is there such a thing?

And whilst I'm thinking about such an experience, are there PPG tandem courses whereby you can offer such experiences to the public if and when a pilot has the knowledge and expertise? It's a question from a friend whose 22 year old son is looking to do in the future. 


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