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Trike advice

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This is what I have gleaned from other sites, if your doctor says you cant foot launch because of a health problem then jumping the hoops the CAA will grant an exemption on application with the documentation to use a trike,this applies only to trikes that use a demountable system that can be used by an able bodied person for foot launching. my understanding is that the swan lady applied and was granted this.

this is very brief but I believe is the current situation, please anyone correct me if I am in error

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This above is indeed now the current situation as I understand it. :-) 

The process for exemption application is very simple indeed with just a few items to send to the CAA. Well done to Francis who is the person that has been working his arse off to make this happen. 

This is a small part of a considerably brighter future (if we don't abuse it, and stick to the rules) 

If anyone would like help submitting an exemption application, I am happy to chat and or help. :-) 

This is great news!

I am also certain that the PMC insurance will cover anyone with an exemption but will confirm this on Monday with the underwriters. 


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Interesting that they don't treat a paramotor trike for what it is. In my mind it should be no difference if it is foot launched or not. Throw in a max weight or something but that should be all in a perfect world. Still glad you are making progress, and I really envy the americans that have the freedom to do almost anything they want.

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