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Exciting news about trikes and quads

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After a false start last year, I am very very happy to be able to say that we will soon be able to run trike / quad courses from our school at Membury airfield :-) 

Courses we will be providing will be priced for the following: 

someone already flying one wanting a licence


someone already flying Ppg wanting to convert skills


complete beginners. 


So so if you are one of the people who are flying 'wheels' and would like to become legal, it would be great for me to know about now :-) (PM rather than forum post recommended) 

it would also be cool to get a gauge of interest from PPG to 'wheels' interest?  Pm or post all good :-) 


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Hi Simon,

Any details yet on the wheel driven trike?

1 or 2 wheel drive ?

live axle or differential or twin free hubs?

CV drive from engine to axle?

As it is in delta configuration its normal practice to drive one wheel only but this really is not ideal in this case neither is a live axle unless going in a straight line is all you need xD

another thing interests me, wing size relative to wheel traction both seem to be at opposite ends of the scale and churning up the grass seem possible and probably not desirable

Sorry for these questions but one of my hats is building recumbent trikes both Delta and Tadpole, pedal and electric and apart from adding a wing to one have dealt with all the other things, but I did add a sail to a tadpole, that was interesting



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