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  1. UKPPG at March in Cambridgeshire does trike training.
  2. Sky Zorro. One of the best kept secrets out there. I am averaging 34mph ( total miles / total flight time from Garmin 495). Love it.
  3. Anti torque lamels..........my experience. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ukparamotorgroup/ (the facebook page has some photo's I uploaded but the text below sums up my experience). Made from carbon fibre the lamels from Aviator were easy to fit. There is no way they will come off in flight. As you can see from the first photo of my trike in flight the torque on the frame from the Moster engine causes a slight rotation making the lightweight trike sit off to the left when on full power. So what difference did 14 lamels make to the torque........absolutely no noticeable effect and t
  4. Anyone know if there is an official EOS importer / distributor in the UK ? If so who ?
  5. I have a Moster 185 Elelctric start which I got in April this year from UKPPPG. Not only is it one of the first electric start Mosters it turns out it also has a new exhaust ring. I only discovered this when I went to do a 30hr exhaust ring check. The blackened ring has done 30hrs, it is deeper, thicker and has a recess which the exhaust section sits snuggly into. Looking at the lack of ware on the exhaust and ring I don't see why it shouldn't do a hundred hours +. I cant see any difference between this exhaust and other Moster exhausts bar the ring.
  6. This is not a new problem. I bought one of the first Bailey v4 which was the first to have the easy start system on. It spat oil out on the first few flights. Took it back, he ran it on a test rig & it was fine. I strapped a coke bottle on and fed the air breather pipe into the bottle. I half filled the bottle on the next hour flight. He had it back and modified the oil recovery plate. After that it was fine & he definitely sorted it on the V5. Buy an old V5 & look how he solved the problem. Don't reinvent the wheel just make it better (lighter & more powerful please
  7. Often the case Ivan, more speed on trimmers out then the less gain on the speedbar. Top speed I suspect very similar but I prefer more speed with no speedbar for XC flying.
  8. Hi Ivan, I generally work on average speed over several XC as I tend to do out & return. I always fly trimmers out as soon as I get clear of take off. I use speedbar occasionally, either to hit a really high groundspeed or if I need to get to a turning point a bit quicker. The speedbar adds 5-6mph onto trimmers out for the Zorro. Worth noting on the Zorro any combination of trimmers / speedbar / brakes can be used, unlike many wings. Tried a few Apco Wings when with Paul Haxby in Wales over the years but never ticked my box. Speedster 28.....average 28.3 Viper 3 24....ave
  9. I fly a Fly Zorro 28m. I have flown for 9 years & had several wings & tried several others. I have no affiliation to any wing manufacture or supplier. I fly what suits my flying. Better than my Viper 3 24m I had. Viper very efficient on fuel but trying to crop skim due to its oscillations and "lifteeness" was impossible especially compared to the Speedster I had previously owned. I also have a Dudek Hadron xx 20. I fly this with my trike (Moster engine) as it needs all the thrust from the Moster. The Hadron is faster by some way but has several disadvantages whi
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