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  1. Thx for input I will steer clear
  2. Has anyone heard of the paramotor engine store they seem to sell paramotors pretty cheap itlooks like I could purchase a fresh breeze 80 for 3447 dollars delivered I was just wondering if there a genuine company
  3. Hi given the choice would you go for air conception 130 or the polini thor 100 any advice would be good
  4. Thanks for the advice all I think I may steer clear I've seen a couple of second hand on ebay for like 3000 I think I'm gonna go for one of them
  5. Can anyone advice me I've been looking at a paramotor impulse moster 180 my20 on ebay 2000 brand new but it seems a bit cheap to me
  6. To be honest I don't mind travelling I think York would be better it always seems to be raining in the lakes
  7. I'm in jarrow and I'm hoping to get some training as soon as this horrible virus goes or when they ease the lockdown
  8. Can anyone advice me on any training g schools in the north east uk
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