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  1. Anyone tested Ozone Viper 5? Would be interesting to hear how it compares to its predecessors in particular.
  2. I have a vw caddy and leave the paramotor in the car year around. Very practical. It's a diesel but has the nickname "The petrol bus" So I can see why that would make a big difference. It's a good selling point for sure. Also I presume tilting the paramotor would still not be much of a problem when transporting it.
  3. Regarding the Torque Compensation System, that seems to be an ordinary torque compensation used on most motors? Having one arm a bit offset. I've also been skeptical to the tank, but no smell in car is something I didn't think about. Would be great for me. Thanks for the review. Been looking at this motor.
  4. If you want it as fast as possible I might be a good idea. I'm going to wait a while until it's been on the market for half a year or something so I know it has been properly tested in the field.
  5. Be glad it's not miniplanes delivery plan I wonder what the waiting time will be for this motor from order to delivery.
  6. Try using both tip steer and normal brake handles at the same time next you fly if you haven't done that yet. It turns more dynamic. I don't use 2d steering but that's only because I'm to lazy to change right now. I personally don't see any drawbacks but shouldn't say too much since I don't yet use it myself.
  7. The warranty is good, but I have made some mistakes in the past. I'll keep my old motor just in case and wait half a year at least. I have to anyway, need to work extra now for a while to get the money. My apartment renovation just might to have to wait some again
  8. Promising! I'm a bit hesitant to be an early adopter but hard to resist this one. Good to see that it is progressing
  9. Well, you can get pretty far without starting your engine to get an idea if you can or cannot do this with their help or if you should try a professional trainer. I have seen some really bad training from professionals over the years I been flying and some good. I never seen really good due to lack of time spent per pilot, but then I haven't seen it all. If they are good pilots themselves and are willing to spend time with you to teach you well then it could be an option. But it's so hard to say without knowing either of you. But I wouldn't listen to them blindly. There are a few videos that
  10. Some I know got hocked on paragliding instead. We have a bigger community for paragliding in my area. It is more social than paramotoring here. Some quit due to poor equipment. Getting and old, noisy motor without enough thrust is a bad way to get into this sport in my opinion, at least if you expect more than that. Me.. I'm not addicted. I can quit any time I like. I have an apartment that I really need to get done renovating. The hallway haven't had a floor now for 10 years. But what can I do, new gliders, motors and other equipment pops up every year. Concrete floors are very practical
  11. I bought mine from a fellow swede that makes them. Had it for about 2 years maybe. People are impressed by the power of it, even airplane pilots. I can ask if he still makes them. Used to have one from microavionics, a standard discharge strobe but this one is brighter and does not affect radio.
  12. If I had an electric motor I would like to have a strobe light on the motor. So when its live the strobe is always on. I have a led strobe light myself on my old fashion device and they are very bright. Also the throttle could have led light indicating that it is on. And of course a tone when turning on the motor. Or maybe optional. on idle there is always a tone.
  13. I am pretty set on getting one of these. Doubt I will change my mind, it has everything I want except generator but I can live with that. I'll test the standard size next spring but what I'm considering the XL because of lower noise level at level flight. Unfortunately I won't be able to test that one. What I'm a bit worried about is hitting the cage with my legs while running in zero wind start. I'm 176 cm. I've gotten some response on the facebook forums but everyone are taller than me and all that responded use the delta frame. From the looks of it the delta and titanium frame seems to diff
  14. It's not a big deal and the oscillation in my viper 3 isn't much but having no oscillations at all is nicer. I agree, moving in the seat starts it. I cancel it with one break input too mostly. I was curious to hear if it that was fixed on the freeride. But a roll friendly and especially high arc type of wing will likely always have a some tendency for this, it comes with the territory. Connecting the tip streer to B line sounds to me like a clever solution. I'll study the risers in air to see what can be done. The little perfectionist in me always like a project I like the idea of having a
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