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Value Alert- Castrol Power 1 2T (aka TTS)

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Just noticed this in the local ASDA at the weekend. Typically I'm used to paying anything between £10 and £14 for it, and it's not that widely available 'off the shelf' here- so I was very surprised to see it at only £5

Checked their website and it does seem to be available nationally at this price- Bargain!

http://groceries.asda.com/product/oils- ... 0002011583

Needless to say- i've stocked up on a lot of oil!

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It that synthetic or mineral oil I wonder... hard to see on the bottle.


That`s waht i`m thinking - Power1 Scooter is/was semi-synthetic, Power1 Racing is fully synthetic.

It used to be written just below the `Power1` on the bottle, but this one labelled `NEW` has nothing..

Assume semi-synthetic....

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I am going to assume mineral at £5 a pop.

Cas, I have had no problems with it because I never use it :-)

The quality difference is staggering and for the amount we use as Paramotor pilots it's just not worth the saving (at a guess maybe £1 a flight or something along those lines)


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I'm pretty sure it's fully synthetic. Branding and names have changed over the years- but it's still 'TTS'

I 've no problems with mineral, but it dosen't burn as cleanly as the fully synth.

Castrol was recommended by the manufactures when I flew the H&E machines- never had any trouble with it in 10 years.

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That one is Power 1 Racing - fully Synthetic.

The one at Asda appears to be semi;

https://www.louis.de/en/artikel/castrol ... l/10038368

It`s hard finding details of this `New` Power1 in the UK, all info seems to be from Europe.

Still, £5 is good, semi is usually about 9/10 quid.

There`s nothing like an oil thread to get folk going, is there......? :?

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