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I am having some problems with the idle of my PAP ROS 125 I am fairly good with engines but not used to dealing with these delicately tuned 2 strokes. Does anyone know of a good repair service ?

I live in Hereford but happy to travel if I can find a good mechanic.

Idle got progressively worse the motor will start and run when first primed will rev fine from about 3000 RPM. If let go back to idle struggle to pick up again unless super light on the throttle. If left alone will just eventually slow and cut out.

If I open the mixture screw it will run at a higher idle but a little two high and I am sure will effect the overall performance and mixture if left at this high mixture setting?

I have fitted a carb rebuild kit for the Walbro WG8 cleaned carb not that it was really dirty the motor has done very few hours.



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I also have the Walbro WG8 carb and recently stripped and cleaned it fitting all new parts from the service kit. On testing it afterwards it was running very lean and hot and would briefly stall when going from idle to full throttle.

The new metering lever in the kit comes preset to a height of 1.7 mm which Walbro will tell you is the correct height, however there are a few forums online which say otherwise and I think it very much depends on the engine to which it is fitted.

After some experimentation I found that mine runs best at a height of just 0.75 mm, thus the greater the gap the leaner it will run and vice versa.

Hope this is of some help.

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