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I just wanted to let you all know about a very busy weekend,

On Saturday 19th one of Sussex Paramotors customers broke the UK and world record for Speed over a closed circuit 50km flying his Mac Fly 250 and hadron xx 22m with a speed of around 77kph the week before he broke the UK 15km speed record and on Sunday the 20th I managed to break my own UK and world record for time to climb to 3000m flying my Mac Fly 250 and Ozone Viper 3 26m with a time of 15m 25seconds.

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Time to climb to :-)

Also not sure if BG's attempt was was ever concluded as a record due to flight recording hardware fail.

I know for sure that it has since been proven by using known 7 points from the footage and triangulating it back to a height, but not sure if they ever bothered to send it off.... ???


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Ramon Morilas Holds the Max Altitude record @ 24,895ft the BG record has never been proven and was never submitted.. Still an Amazing feet!!!

The time to climb records and Max Altitude records do have Different rules, The Max altitude records can be flown from any height.. I think Ramon took off from Hushe's Valey (Pakistan) at around 14,000ft

The UK record set by Giles Fowler from the RAF team on the Bailey Matrix Hornet did 18,305ft from sea level!! Personally I think this is much harder to do and this is the way I Plan to do it too!! sea level too XX,000ft

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