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BHPA Badge Question

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Dude you can't have seen my message as anything other than a joke surely ?

It made me laugh anyway :-) :-) :-)


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Simon, I have no issue with your humour or anyone elses. :)

I was enquiring as to whether the original post was a serious question.

Well yes it was in fact a serious question but just a shame there isn't a serious answer.

I read somewhere about having different badges for different ratings, hence asking the question.

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As I recall, the different wings and colours denote membership status (ie full / associate) and the bronze, silver and gold denotes club pilot, pilot or advanced pilot status (I think, but I could be wrong).


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I've just checked my badge.

Mine is silver with 2 wings - Pilot.

I'm not sure where my old Club Pilot badge is but I'd guess that it is bronze with 1 wing which may well mean that the gold with 2 wings is Advanced Pilot.

I think the red, white & blue one is just a general members badge.



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