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Weekend aviation forecast


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Wow..... that`takes me back to the bbc weather at 6 o'clock before the introduction of weather Bimbos (male and female :shock: )

great all the info I want (except of course i want 2000-3000ft winds!)

this could be a service I would consider subscribing to.

Ok what would i like to be different?

on the wind charts you go from surface winds to 5000ft winds, can you leave the surface wind feathers in a light colour so my brain takes in the direction shift with height?

on all the charts can you suoer-impose the day you are talking about in the bottom corner? (helps my brain absorb all your info and pin it to the relevant day)

The temperatures with height are unreadable as you said, but you give a general height temp for the region, can that figure be supe- imposed on the chart with the day info?

Can you include a tephigram from soundings or give some visual indication of thermal strength/lapse rate/cloud base/height/cover along with your vocal description of bases etc?

Best wishes for this endeavour, Francis

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