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Gumtree Scam? What do you think?

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While having a look on Gumtree I thought I'd have a look at any paramotors on there and came across these...

http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/baile ... 1001531405

http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/unuse ... 1001579329

The Bailey has just sold on Ebay for £4400 about a week ago - the pictures and description are exactly the same. Has the new owner got bored of it and willing to take a £2k loss on it. I'd certainly have it at that price! I sent a message to the owner asking why it's suddenly £2k less than when I saw it on Ebay but got no reply.

The second motor seems extremely cheap for a brand new motor and wing.

If anyone is thinking of going for these be careful - don't part with any money beforehand!

Or is it me just being paranoid :shock:

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Not sure, but from my previous buying of gumtree, i would think that the first is legit and second is less. I would'nt guarentee it is, but if anyone looks to buy this, give them a call first and ask for a valid reason before hanging up! if they don't give it, then move on! Then when you go to collect, don't leave without starting it etc. ... but we already knew we had to do that anyway! People arent to bad at the moment with scams, it was alot worse last year infact! But people are still trying to get money out of us!

Lets hope you get a reply, would love to know if its real! if so, im tempted :L aha


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I`ve been browsing though ebay and Gumtree to gauge what price stuff goes for and also saw that Bailey and became suspicious.

How can a near-5K paramotor with 4 hours on it be offered for 2.2?


Here`s another dodgy one.

This Pap sold on fleabay (buy-it-now) for 1500 quid;

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/170917670823? ... _cvip=true

....a day or two later it surfaced on Gumtree for £850 - same pics and desciption.

http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/pap-t ... 1001490675


Don`t worry, i aint ever going to buy anything from Gumtree...

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come on guys, not saying im going to purchase these things! But people have reasons for selling at cheap prices,... maybe they just dont like the sport, and wanna get rid of fast as possible! perhaps its a relatives that no longer here and they dont want to say?..... just a thought... Not everything is a scam!

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I saw that PAP on ebay too.

Got a reply from the person "selling" the brand new X generation motor - he obviously struggled with the written world so it proves that it couldn't have been from a genuine paramotorist :lol:

Anyway, he's going to send me some pictures. I'm waiting for the bit where he wants a deposit.

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This is a scam for sure

the photos in the gum tree add is Danny weston's V5 who sold it on ebay a week or so ago..

If your looking for second hand V5 for around £4500 Luke Banks is selling his to upgrade tot he new plastic tank version.

PM me for his details or look him up on here

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