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Training overseas

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Hi folks,

It appears that courses near Newcastle/Sunderland are either top secret or don't exist.

Does anyone have any info/prices of where overseas it can be done. I'm looking at somewhere like Spain rather than the states or south east Asia.

Cheers in advance.

Oh, is a standard paragliding harness the same as a paramotoring one? And for wing size, what's the addition to naked weight? Is it about 30kgs?

Lots of questions and research before organising training, I'm not another Darwin candidate! :-D

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No the harnesses are not the same. Normal motors range from 19-25kg A wing is normally around 5-7k depending on the size. Wing size depends on your weight.


5-7kg for the wing and about 3kg for the reserve, plus extras like helmet/radio/GPS etc..

As been said before DONT BUY ANYTHING! until you have had a chance to speak to other pilots or instructors.

Good luck!


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So far I've wasted less than £100 on a harness and wing just so I can prat about on the field where I live. Its rated well below my weight, and will end up as a couple of hammocks when im done with it I'm going to stress again that I'm NOT a Darwin award candidate, I just want to have some fun whilst I'm learning, and before I shell out the best part of £5k on kit. Then I'll need to spend that amount again, as my wife also wants to join in. She's a bigger adrenaline junkie than I am :-D

So, back to the original question, where's recommended in Europe to do the course, and at what cost?

Cheers again.

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