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South Yorkshire bloke looking to start paramotoring.

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Good afternoon all!!

I live in Barnsley, South Yorkshire & am currently frantically researching & trying to raise some funds to take up this amazing sport. I'd appreciate any advice anyone can offer & would be particularly interested in going to see some paramotors flying & having a general chat about things. I've seen dozens of the youtube vids but would love to see the real thing.

Is there anyone local who'd be happy to pass on some of their knowledge?

Thanks in advance........

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Stuart, thanks for the advice but I promise - I won't buy anything until I've had a chat with an instructor. If I'm heading a mile high I want to be absolutely sure that my kit is going to get me there & back in one piece! :D

I have also tried to contact the Yorkshire Owls Paramotor Club so I can go & have a chat with them & hopefully see them fly, just waiting a response........

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:x To coin a phrase I'm not particularly fond of; "This is doing my head in!" :x

I've got the ppg bug, I've read loads of books, mags, viewed hours of footage, chatted to pilots at a fly in & have even had a bloody dream about it & I ain't in a position until next year to get started. The sky looks absolutely glorious this morning up in sunny yorkshire & if I was trained & had the gear I could have easily taken the morning off work to go for a fly.

They'll all if's and but's but roll on xmas (the wife is buying me a ground handling wing) & March 2013 when I can go a get some training.

PS - without opening the indy v bhpa argument again has anyone trained with AXB Sports in Doncaster?

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Hi Rob,

Yes - things are going really well thanks! Started my training on the 23rd February with Mark Jenkinson of Yorkshire Paramotors who I can very highly recommend.

Have had a great time since, have made some good friends & most importantly have now completed flight no 2! Just need to nail my take offs & landings, hopefully weather permitting, next weekend & I'm done! :coptor:

I've got all the gear now as well so the spending spree has thankfully stopped.

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