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FAO the motorcycle enthusiasts among us


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Pics attached of a project I've been working on for many years. The bike had it's first outing to the 'Look-Up' rally & bike show in Norfolk at the weekend. Came away with trophies, including best in show.


Based on a 1953 Panther M100 engine, front frame section and fuel tank everything else has been made or modified in my own workshop with a 1920's Drummond round bed lathe, pillar drill, mig welder and hand tools.

There are more tricks and gadgets hidden in this bike than I can be bothered to list here.

Due respect to Wallace and Gromit.


Love it! nice Rigged. is it a frame or is it using the engine as the frame?

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Thanks for the appreciation.

The exhausts have absorbtion baffles from an aircooled VW hidden inside, so the sound is a quite inoffensive, deep thud mixed with the mechanical noise from straight cut timing gears.

The engine is structural, as it was in the original bike. The front section of the frame (i.e. the headstock and a couple of tubes above and behind the engine) is also from the original bike. The rear section is fabricated.

With only 23 HP, it's not a racer. I've had it up to 65, at which it is f**king terrifying! Plods around happily at 50 to 55 and returns over 100mpg.

The question remains - do I build a sidecar or a trailer for my paramotor kit?


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