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What to do if you get intercepted during the olympics

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Not as much as the cost of the missile to shoot you down :lol:

They'd have to get a 'lock' on me first!! Yeehaa!! :acro:

(that was a joke mr MI6 agent browsing this forum...) :wink:



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They'd not waste a missile. They'd either gun you down. or get a sniper to do it from the side of the helo. Easy peasy :o

Dosen't the Geneva Convention state that signed up countries cannot shoot at parachutes? Not sure where paramotors would fit in on this point...

Anyhow- regardless of the trivia- STAY CLEAR OF THE NO FLY ZONES

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Theres two typhoons at northolt at the moment, they have been carrying out excersice flights in readiness for the games, quite frequently they have been passing over my house in hertfordshire, only once have I seen them above 500ft, whats the score with the 500ft rule when it comes to military aircraft, anyone know ?

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