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Loch Lomond Flight

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Just in case some folk don't know:

I do all my videos now in very high quality 1080p. I really is worth watching

full screen in 1080p if you have a decent computer (even if your screen is not


Also, it is worth updating your browser to the latest version - Safari, Firefox,

IE, Chrome sand Opera all support HTML5 video now. You can configure youtube to

use it here:


It uses CONSIDERABLY less CPU than flash video, and those on slower computers

may find it is just the thing for allowing them to watch higher resolution

videos full screen.

Anyhoo, on with the show:



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Absolutely lovely setting and vid Stu!

I notice you are flying a ReActionTST, the same as me.

Do you fancy more dynamic turns when keeping full reflex when on fast trim?

I have fitted Dudeks ALC red ball to my ReAction and its wicked.

ALC system same as now fitted to Synthesis and Nucleon.

I'll post some pics if you or anyone else is interested,

Cheers, Alan

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