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XCertina Quick pack


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Stuff sack here too, always open and loosened up when stored. If you keep a finger between the A lines and the rest of the lines when you are making the rose then you can pull the A lines right at the end and all the leading edge segments pull together nicely.

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I've got a cheap one made of ripstop, and a pucker one that came with the Nucleon. I prefer the cheap one as it is porous. By keeping the top open it allows air to circulate and take out the dampness that you inevitably get when flying in evening air.

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I use ozones sausage sack (the equivalent to xcertina) and done so the last three years with my paramania fusion. I have always packed it in that bag and I'm pleased with it. Not sure if it is the packing that does it or if it is the glider itself but the glider still looks very nice and crisp. The glider is in the 100 hours region. I would say that it looks better than the gliders I have had before.

Anyway once you get the hang of it it doesn't take that much time to pack.

Most of the time I do like this:

Place the bag on the ground, layed out.

I make sure the lines on the glider is in decent order (in case I landed and the glider fell in a mess)

Connect the risers together in the loop they have for the carabiner.

Make a braiding with the lines and collect the glider to a rosette.

Place the rosette on the top of the bag.

Collect all the mylars and fasten them with the big wrapper that are in the top of the sausage sack.

Place the risers at the bottom.

Drag down the middle section of the glider to the bottom.

Start zipping the bag and push out air and fold in the sides as I'm zipping it up.

Once zipped I bend the bag in half and make a knot with the lines that are on the bag.

Now I can cary the bag on my shoulder.

Maybe it sounds complicated but it's not that hard. I'm going to fly tomorrow and if I remember I can make a video of it.

I also have a ozone delta and a similar bag to that one. It's a little bit different though, it came with clips instead of a zipper. Not sure I like that better but it does the job as well.

Not saying that a stuff sack is bad though. But they glider does seem to get plenty of wrinkles when I used that before. The good thing with sausage bags are that they keep the leading edge of the glider in good condition, especially if you have battens.

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