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Paramotor Crash - Scotland


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Best wishes to both. :(

A reminder that when flying together, make sure you A) keep your distance (note this is option a) or B) make sure the person you are flying with knows your intentions and drills are well rehearsed on the ground. Its amazing how much a thermal / gust can change your position in relation to another pilot in a matter of a second!


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I'm happy to report that both pilots are okay. One had a nasty back injury but is back on his feet. The other twisted his ankle.

They were flying the same way and at a good separation but while they were both enjoying the view, it looks like they were gradually converging.

One reserve was thrown immediately and deployed the other was thrown too late (probably due to tangled lines everywhere).

I don't know if the video footage will be available but I'm so grateful both guys are okay, and a stark reminder to look of for each other.


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