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The price is right

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Nooooooo Way....

I am going to back to microlighting ...I never really left it.

Because there is just no way I will be able to foot launch ....until my leg/ankle/foot....get strong again and at the moment the thought of landing on my feet is unthinkable...where as landing on wheels is no problem at all.. :D ....

So the way forward for me is carry on with the microlight :) and look towards getting myself a paratrike the problem ive got with the trike is that my current paramotor would struggle to carry the extra weight of the trike when using my small wing....so I need a bigger more powerfull motor.....hence the sale of my much loved Pap (Yes ive even slept with her) to help fund this... 8)

I am not keen on the fixed hangpoint trikes so its going to be along these lines....

PS......... Please remember that you are supposed to be watching the trike :?: in this video :P



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