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first collapse resistent wing??

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I was having an incredible kitesurfing session on the water this morning when it suddenly occurred to me ..... why can't my paragliding wing have an inflatable leading edge and struts like my kite does. The negligible increase in weight and drag can easily be overcome by a little extra power and there would be no chance of frontal collapses or cravats. I can't be the first to think of this ... what am I missing .... besides a degree in aeronautical engineering.


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I asked the same question when I first started paramotoring over ten years ago ...after flying microlights for years before that I was told my all the Paraglider wing manafactures the same answer.....that if the wing did go out of control the reaction would be far more dynamic...and uncontrolable...to which my following question was why then is every other flying wing stiff..... :? and if its more collapse resistant why would it collapse anyway :?::?: ....and what about a totally inflatable Paraglider....and fill it with helium to solve the launching problems once and for all......it would just float up waiting for you to apply the power at your convienience :P:P:P

not one ever answered those questions...... :(

Now we have a few manafacturers inserting plastic or carbon rods to stiffen the wing :shock:

an inflatable bladder would do the same....al,,la kite wing......I think there could be a future in these ideas....

Taking things to extremes imagine if you could launch a hanglider wing on lines :shock::shock::shock: after all you can fly solid kites....I think we are in the very early days of this sports development who knows where it will go...


I was always told to think outside the box.... :idea:

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( Taking things to extremes imagine if you could launch a hanglider wing on lines )

I just said that..... :?:

but I mean on lines not an A frame.... :|... to control it

anyway I think my Helium filled self launching wing has more life in it.....

Yes Yes I know its called a balloon and weve already got those :|

I am obviously thinking on another level............... :?:D a Higher one :shock:

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Helium filled? Nah you need cell openings to keep the wing pressurised in the event of minor or not so minor leaks/tears. Helium filled would mean needing a completely airtight wing - and the hope that it stays that way.

One of the problems of the inflated leading edge idea is maintaining a suitable pressure with changing altitude, not a problem for kitesurfers (except maybe this guy



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kite surfers can actually fly their kites like a paraglider allready at stay up at will ....so the borders are blurring between the two sports allready..... :?

ok ok then just a couple of wing cells filled with Helium just for those people who have trouble with the launch

materials are strong enough these days not to worry about leaks.....there are loads of inflatable boats around that get run up the beach....

Just Remember when we are all 70 + (many years from now)

It was my Idea and I want all the royalties :P

we already have the Woopy fly a wing that flys and is in production that is a combination of alloy and an air filled material wing thats inflated with motors..

Sometimes the most extreme ideas and the ones that get scoffed at can be the best...

people can sometimes get blinkered and stuck in a rut....

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