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Too bright or too noisy!


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I have to wear goggles or my eyes get ruined by the wind. I went for these-



Item number: 160295892543

also in clear and mirrored. I'm very happy with them and will buy again.

They will fog up on a cold day whilst you are sweating on launch, but once in the air are always clear. Big enough to fit over a helmet, which means i can swap from dark to clear as the sun goes down. At that price owning 2 pairs is not a problem.


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Have you had a look at blue eye's I am told they are the mutt's nutt's

I have a pair, they are actually not that great :-(

They need to be more bendy in the center to wrap around properly. I got air flow pinpointed directly at my eyeball when I had them on LOL

And they are super top doller. ( sent to me as a sample )

If I can find them, you can have them.


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