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A Quandary ;-)

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Here's the thing, the other half is a wonderful wife, she positively encourages me to go flying and is becoming good at monitoring the suitability of the weather.

But she is getting more expectant of me doing two things at the same time, I believe it's called multitasking or summat like.

You probably know the scenario being asked questions like 'where shall I put this plant in the garden?' when I'm busy looking at the sky trying to second guess the weather.

Or 'what would you like for dinner?' when I'm inspecting the colour of the spark plug.

So as most of you know on here, launching a paramotor is fairly complex task summed up quite well by this quote:

'...and launching a paramotor seemed to require half a dozen simultaneous variable actions' - Judy Leden

Now I know SHMBO is never going to take up paramotoring, so do I let her read 'Flying with Condors' by Judy Leden and get the idea I'm capable of more than one task at once or not?




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Hi Alan. Its a tough one to call really. Your better half might even might want to try flying for herself once she reads Judy's amazing book. Then you will have all sorts of problems of her wanting a machine, a new wing and all the bells n whistles. Its an amazing account of how Judy progressed through the sport, maybe we will reading one about your wife next year :):lol:8)

Matt, can I get my copy back? :roll::)


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Just tell her to make a cup of tea, then a sandwich, then a cup of tea, then lunch, then a cup of tea, then dinner, then a cup of tea, then a cold drink, ect ect

eventually she will not want to come near you as you always want some thing :D:D

I think I would get to the second cup of tea before I found the kettle with a head shaped dent on the side and my cup stuck in an awkward location.

Good luck to you guys on that one.

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