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Done It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes i finally managed to fly this morning, got up early and arrived at our field to be greeted by a rather thick mist after some discussion and a fair bit of ribbing from Matt & Simon i set up my gear and by the time i had set up the mist had cleared. So to the launch again another forward launch nil wind it was hard and the run felt long as the rig went light i went for it full throttle and i jumped into the seat, resu;lt was another 20ft skid mark and a failed launch. After some rest and a lot of ribbing again from the boy's a 2nd attempt was set. Another forward launch slight wind i run and this time i was not goona jump, it all went light 3/4 throttle and ok a little jump the seat came under me and i started to climb i had done it after a lay off of over 2 years i was airbourne it fellt good the Flat Top was performing perfectly, enough power at 3/4 throttle to climb and allow a nice gentle right turn and the rest was just pure fun.

Video to follow thank everyone for all your words of encouragement and well it worked im firmly back in the seat.......... :wingover:

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Yep, just on m5 side of gloucester. Am always looking out for when you guys are flying, to try & hook up. always looking for wings when crossing cotswolds, think you're too far away! Will have to wait until lessons done & kit sorted through Ppg 100 club. Looking forward to it!


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