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Last Sunday....

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Just found a great beach to fly on. On a Sunday it's like a thrill seekers playground with all the bikes, quads, 4x4's etc. Everyone seems to be very cool about PPG's.

I took some video with my new Panasonic SD600. It can film at 1080p/50fpm but is not happy about being edited and the post edited quality indicates that I might as well stick to normal 1080p/25fpm.


Music prob not to everyones taste, but if you're over 40,you'll most likely remember them.

Hope you enjoy :)


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Music got my foot a tappin... :D ...isnt beach and dune flying just the best..... :D:D

I tell ya, I discovered paramotoring last Sunday. I've never felt anything like it :D:D:D

Now I just want more :lol:

That looks a real fun place to fly! Is the site far from you?

Sod organising a flyin here...we should organise a fly in there away from all this crappy damp stuff :)

Great music, and im under 40!

The site's 40 minutes from me but unfortunately it looks like rain for the next fortnight :cry:

However, a weekend flyin (squeezyjet or Ryanair) around May/June is almost guaranteed to be a weather success. Could be food for thought :idea:

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