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Crash video :-( looks painful !

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A pilot in Idaho is lucky to be alive after his aircraft malfunctioned and he plunged 100 feet to the ground.

He flies an ultra light aircraft known as a PPC, or powered parachute. But this particular time, something went wrong and his parachute tangled. He called for help as bystanders rushed over.

Even with a broken arm, ribs and pelvis, he says once he can, he'll strap himself in again and take off. Hoyt Dale Patton Jr. says, "I don't explain my life in any other terms than in miracles."

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Wouldn't want to class myself as a General after the battle. So I think I'll just quietly point out that the guys injuries could've been far worse. I did also hear mentioned that he was using an acro wing. IMO riser twists are no more likely with the Flat Top and indeed less likely than on some other units. But I'll grant you that more power DOES amplify problems that get started like gyroscpics and torque.

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Pilot looks quite heavy on brakes at take off. Instead of allowing the motor to climb out to right (natural tendency of a FT on full power) it looks like he is trying to steer left with brake and stalls the left side, inducing a spin / collapse. Doesn't appear windy (but sunny) so collapse could have been triggered by a 'bullet' thermal.

Much as I dislike Dell, I agree with Dave that injuries could have been more severe, and the FT is probably the best design to handle these vertical impacts as it sits lower on the pilot giving maybe 30cm more 'crumple zone' before your @ss hits the concrete !

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silly question probably but what kind of bad set up encourages a riser twist?

Riser twist - mostly from excessive lean back of the propeller plane of rotation

Flat spins - mostly through bad piloting often assisted by wing characteristics (design or porosity)

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