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Some interesting comments posted by others as questions too.

If anyone here is a friend of Bailey, (or Bruce), they might want to get Bailey onto this to sort it out quickly as that's very bad PR.

Ouch! :shock:

Feel sorry for the guy too, if he has spent lots on a new motor and having problems with it. I share that pain.




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Not taking sides here, as I don't know both sides of the story.

However, generally speaking, there is nothing more frustrating than recieving poor service from a manufacturer or retailer and having no power to be heard........until now!

I love the way the internet allows one voice to be heard by many.

I'm sure that ultimately this is a good thing all round as it encourages better quality manufacturing, better after sales service and backup and should weed out the good from the bad sellers and in the long run IMHO will help the economy to recover.....maybe :|

For a small company operating within a tiny, fledgling community who really listen to each other, this is a nightmare situation.

On the other hand, the reverse is so when good service is given ie 'Parajet service' topics.

It's not rocket science.

btw I don't own either a Bailey or a Parajet, so I am impartial and am speaking in general terms....observing from a distance....Southern Spain :wink:

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Darn shame there appears to be a filter between end users and manufacturer.

Darn shame this fellow had to resort to ebay of all things to have his voice ring loud enough for them to hear him.

Cheapest soapbox I can think of in the public square though.

Good luck to him and his crankless comrades.

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Yeah. ..Some of us get closer than others 8)

Sea and sand for me now..Cheers all

Nice thoughts Alan..But dont forget the big difference in output. The Solo's a good old motor though.But for a combination of power AND economy / longevity I really think the Simmo is there. Ofcourse I understand it does weigh 19 kilos approx before someone else says it for me.

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