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Essex Newbie

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Hi all.

Just wondered if anyone could give me a little advice about getting started?

I’m 51, and don’t have any previous paramotor experience. I do have a Private pilots licence but the last time I flew was over 10 years ago. I have also skydived (around 600 jumps), but again, my last jump was around 15 years ago. I’ve even run down the slopes of Rhosilli in Wales with a 7 cell canopy (wing) to do some impromptu paragliding. Having given up airsports and had the kids, I’m looking to get airborne again.

I’m guessing that I will need to start virtually from scratch and so I’m looking for training and kit in Essex. I’m from Colchester.

Ideally I’d love to get to the stage of buying kit (2nd hand probably) and flying by the end of the summer, so local training would be best as I have limited time that I can take off work mid-week.

I'd also like to pop along to a site and have a look/chat, but don't mind travelling for this.

Any advice appreciated.


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Welcome Steve,

I'm not aware of any PMC instructors in your area but there is a club called the Lemmings that operate in the Braintree area. They have a web site:


Outkast is an Essex lad he might have a better idea of what's local to you.



Welcome to the forum, I think custom vince is not too far from you, hes in mersea island, I am sure he will chip in when he reads this thread :D


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Hi steve, and welcome be warned this is very very contagious sport and loads of fun PM your number and il have a chat let you know where we fly and ya can come along, there is two guy's from the Lemmings Alex and Mike training in Braintree as far as i know they are good i myself am going to them for some re-training.

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