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Two Easy Questions


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1. If you are using a map case while flying, where do the secure the 4 clips?

2. While flying (not holding onto the brakes or steering toggles), do you have your elbows in front on the risers (close to your chest) or around the outside of the risers?

I told you they were easy questions….

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Hi Tony,

Well didnt get to use the map holder in France so wouldnt know?

I tend to have my elbows behind the risers (ie closer to mt chest) with my elbows resting on the swing arms of the PAP. Then I can fiddle with cameras and gadgets.......sit back and take it all in!!!! etc


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Hi Tony,

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words so I've taken a couple.

With the map case I only clip it on with the 2 clips at the rear edge.

573363f127ce4_MeontheFusion.jpg.cebe2b6eMap clip detail.jpg[/attachment]

When flying I have my elbows around the outside of the risers, I do fly with high hang points as in FB J bars.





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Many thanks to all.

I prefer my arms to go behind the risers, but will find it very difficult to operate any equipment on my knees and when I move my arms inside – I don’t feel right (you know what I mean)

Reference the map – my case seems very large and I folded it in half and secured it to clips close to my chest – I just thought that if it was opened fully it would flap around like mad or there are no secure points for the distant clips, except clipping it around my knees, which feels like a bad idea.

Thanks again.

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