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Wow it’s just that feeling of elation and achievement.

I now really understand why people rave about the first XC.

I flew over to Wanafly this morning and flew back this evening, fantastic. 26 km each way.

Take off at 9:41, flight time 50 minutes, 3 litres. Map and compass spot on navigation. Smooth as silk apart from the last 4 minutes when descending, landed on full fast trim.

Return take off 18:00, flight time 58 minutes into a slight headwind, 4.5 litres. Landed with 200ml left.




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Thanks FlyingDoc, I've still got the buzz from it.

I am popping over to Aivault on the morning of Friday 2nd and staying overnight, if you're still all there that is.

If you've got any niggles with radio equip I'm bringing some test kit with me, just another interest of mine.

Looking forward to it,


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