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Guys, if anyone has noticed the PAP1400 Ros125 paramotor on ebay (ebay number 170456608212) stay well away. He is a scammer who has already conned me out of £1300 and is trying it for the 3rd time !! The guy puts the address down as somewhere in Scotland but is actually in the west London area ! He sent me pictures and answered all my questions, but he will then agree a sale price and tell you it will go through the ebay customer center. He then sends out a 'FAKE' ebay invoice stating its freom ebay in all ways and has a full payment protection scheme ! It even has the ID verification logo and all banners and states that the seller has £1500 in a secure ebay payment protection account etc !!!!

I had never dealt with an ebay invoice before and so in my niavety I followed it ! Stupid me before anyone else tells me!

I have passed all information relevent including IP details to the police so hopefully will get a result. Wont get my money back either propably ??

If anyone has any information on this guy or the paramotor in the pictures then please let me know as I want to get the scamming b*****d !!!

Cheers Guys

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Oh dude!!!

They are out there and it is hard to spott some times. I looked at this motor on ebay for a friend and he was going to bid on it. I am glad he didn't.

If your new to the sport dude like me then i would never buy anything with out seing it or taking some one who knows about paramotors. If your new you never know what you might be buying!!!

I hope this has not put you of the sport??? good luck with getting your cash back or finding him and giving him what for!!!!!

have you not thought about setting up another ebay account and then asking if you can pay in cash when you pick it up????

good luck dude :fail:

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Oh No ! I really hope it isn't the same scammer who listed a Walkerjet Simonini in Gumtree recently (also for £1300). He gave an address in Shetland Islands but a HSBC bank account in Croydon for a money transfer.

Foreign sounding name and a g-mail account ?

I may have some details that will help trace him if this sounds familiar ? Sorry to hear you lost out to such scum.

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i have emailed the guy to see if i can go have a look at the motor, i will let you know what he says,

ive been scammed before and hate this sort of thing,


{the paramotor whore}

paramotor pirates east yorkshire

papa 1400tds and pap racing wing {itv dakota sport}


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Out of curiosity I just Asked him via ebay if he had a buy it now price in mind....

got a reply back saying that he was after a quick sale himself and to make him an offer via mikel.or76@yahoo.co.uk, Sound familiar ?

Also noted Item location Inverness. His location South Yorkshire?.

Is it worth making an offer and seeing where the trail ends?

Hope it not a genuine sale or hes going to be right pi**ed off with me :roll:

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Colin, the problem is that when you ask to see it he says he is very busy and cant meet but is happy to post it because he has a pyament protection plan and a seven day money back garentee ! If anybody does get a chance to meet up with him then please let me know. He goes by many names including peter.gs75. He always seems to put down an address that up in the middle of no where. I traced his originating IP address from all the various emails and it came up with the west london area. i also found out that the IP belongs to AOL. If any flyers work at AOL and can give me an account address and name then I will give them a little cash thankyou ???

Anyway my new paramotor project is well on track so i hope either I get hold of hiim with my mates and kick the £1300 out of him or the Met CID grab him ! I wont llet thie scamming s**t stop my goal of flying !!

Cheers Tim

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Simon, I will PM you all the message properties. I have already had 2 IT wizards lmates ook through it all and we have traced the IP to the originating proxy server which is situated in bracknell. I also have the originating time of connection. With this information AOL can easily check to see who was connected to that specific server at that exact time and get the account holders details. I traced it with 'Activewhois' software and the IP is registered with America Online Limited.

Luckily this hasn't stopped me getting into paramotors but has meant that i had to sell one of my RC helicopters and some paragliding bits !!

Will PM some details later today.

Cheers Tim

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Thanks for that info , I have PM'd you. Cheers !

He removes the add as soon as someone agree's a buy it now price. He done the same to me and my mate. He will give you an alternative email address so that he can quickly close the ebay account. He will then register again under a different name in a few weeks ! I hope the t**t has a slow and agonising death !


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... and he still says he is in Shetland. Replied to me as garry : gladonbeing08@gmail.com

Seems odd to advertise your paramotor on a london website if you live in the Shetland Isles... I am wondering whether to call his bluff and say, "How amazing - my cousins live in the Shetland Islands and fly hangliders, you might know them, can I get one of them to come round and look at it?"!!

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Seems odd to advertise your paramotor on a london website if you live in the Shetland Isles...

It virtually guarantees nobody can collect in person.

It seems odd to scam paramotors though, as it is such a small, active & connected community. I would imagine high value electrical items to be easier ?

Might be worth a few people making offers though - he may trip up and give away more identifying information other than his Croydon HSBC bank account. At least it shows motive & intent if the police can ever catch him.

:evil: I hate scum like this ! If they keep doing it long enough someone will fall for it - and probably someone on a budget, desperate for a bargain, who can least afford to lose their cash.

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