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Newbie in Gatwick area looking for training

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Hello one and all

New to the site and am looking to start paramotoring as my new hobby. Love flying and obtained my PPL on Cessna 150 back in 2003 in the USA. I did a bit of flying back here in the UK (Popham) but let it lapse due to cost more than anything.

Now want to get back in the air and paramotoring sounds perfect. I don't have any equipment yet and with the weather as it is at the moment would realistically look to start training in the late spring in the UK.

I don't want to travel too far for instruction, say 60 miles from RH1 area (Gatwick). Any contacts i can make re instruction would be fab, so when the time comes i wont be fanny'ing about.

Also any advice re a good club would be appreciated.

Ta very much ...


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Hey Steve,

There are a lot of Paragliding centres down near Brighton that offer Paramotor courses as well...and I think Michel Carnet (World Champ) also teaches down in that neck of the woods.

So if you really don't want to travel much, that would probably be your best bet.

I live just inside the M25 and work down in Crawley so if you want to meet for a pint and to natter about Paramotoring, I'd be happy to offer my perspectives. PM me if you are interested.



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Based in Medway/Maidstone. Andy taught me and is very safety orientated.


You are welcome along next time we fly especially as you're probably only about 30 minutes from us!

Please mention my name if you decide to speak with Andy so that he knows where you came by his details.

Best regards,

Ian Mooney.

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Hi Guys,

Thanks very much for your replies, i've tried PM'ing you but my messages have been sitting in my outbox since Saturday, probably something i'm doing wrong.

Ive decided to either sign up with the Aero Aviation School (Maidstone) or Simon Westmore's Training in Wiltshire. Simon's firm works out to be about 80 miles away which although its not as local as i wanted i really liked his website and get a good feeling from it. I suppose that's the main thing. Oh and i think 800 GBP is good value.

I work freelance and get a fair bit of time off, midweek and the weekends so i should be able to knock out the days pretty quick.

I'm moving down to Tonbridge Wells within the year so will be looking for regular buddies to go flying with. Obviously i'm new to the sport and have very little contacts and knowledge of good routes and flying sites. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards Steve B

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There is one BIG bit of advice.....

Try and buy a chep ground handling wing and harness or buy your self a wing that your going to use to fly with and then ground handle as much as you can.... Go and have one lesson with who ever you choose and then go away and ground handle practice practice practice. Its cheeper to do it on your own than it is to pay some one to ground handle.

The hardest part of paramotoring is the ground handling.

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Hi Steve, I am also thinking of learning. I am going to book a taster day at airworks and see how I get on. A few people have recommended trying an old wing on the ground. I live just down the road from you (RH2) and have access to 80 acres of fields so could be a possible site to try it out. Have you had any training yet? Matthew

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