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hang gliding a sport from the past

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Unfortunately it appears that the decline in hangliding is very true. I flew over Perran sands today which was once a metropolis for hangliders on a NW direction only to see a ridge full of floppys (paragliders). Perranporth airfield near by were giving 10knots at 270 which is good for hangliders but non there :(

A snow squal was heading my way so I dashed down wind and climbed to 3700ft AGL to get over it and took this pic of Truro and Falmouth as I was climbing above cloud.

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The decline of air sports seems to run next to the rise in the computer next to a number of activities. Gliding has been gradually seeping away, the average age of pilots is rising. Either kids are not inspired in the same way as they used to be or we are collectively not promoting air sports as well as we might to the young. Are they risk averse or just lazy I wonder?

Whitters, you are The Wanderer of the West Country skies... Fab! :lol:


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Why fly for real when you can do it in the comfort of your own home on your Computer or PS3! I've been trying to get my 17 year old son interested in paramotroring but he is allergic to any activity where he has to move more than just his thumbs (any activities I'm aware of anyway :oops: ).

I would imagine that in a few years time when virtual reality hits the home market, our sport will be for the die hards only. Just imagine all the thrills of flying knowing that you don’t have to suffer the cold, your engine will always start and never break down and, if you fancy a change of scenery, just pop in another disk!

If that is the future we have to look forward to you can kill me now. :(

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If that is the future we have to look forward to you can kill me now. :(

Well I'm not going to be pulling the trigger Alan.

You can at least get a zillion more real flights in before the VR catches up. I'm sure however clever the chair, screen, toggle sensors and whatever became it could never match the real feel of paramotoring.

I just love the fact that you need full coordination of all limbs and brain to effect a good takeoff. When you get the skill mastered it's just magic, as everyone on here that flies will testify 8)

I wish you and everyone many many more exciting flights.

(Do you get the feeling I enjoy it :?::D )


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