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Question time


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Hey all

I am just about to get into winter flying and was just wondering what sort of gear do you guys wear when flying in the winter.

Also as a matter of interest how many of you out there have more than one paramotor. I may be heading to OZ soon for good and I was hoping to bring over my paramotor. Was thinking of bringing over two as the exchange rate is really crap at the moment.

Thanks for your help.


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ive got 2! but that more of a battle because im trying to have at least one that flies, lol!

i wear a 2 layer flight suit (ozee millenium) because you can also use it in the summer, thermals underneath, motorbike windproof balaclava and gloves (nice and thin) and knee pads!(its you knees that get the coldest i find!?

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I fly naked all year round :shock:

seriuosly, I bought a all in one suit that was made for fisherman, its thick, warm and most importantly of all it has tons of pockets, keeps me warm all the time, depending on how cold it is I sometimes wear a pair of motocross type gloves, I find they keep my hands warm while still giving me good levels of grip and feel.

if its really cold I have a balaclava and a pair of Gin extreme cold gloves wich I bought last year from the PMC shop, they are expensive but very warm.


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