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Opinions please


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I have just bought a reserve, it came in its own container wich has velcro and bits on top for mounting instruments etc.

I also have a flight deck wich has the same but also has a large clear section for putting maps etc in wich can be easily read while flying, this of course has to mounted in front of the pilot.

My question is this, should I munt the reserve in front and do away with the flight deck or should I mount it on the side and keep the deck?

also will I have to make some adjustments for the extra wieght on one side if i decide to mount it there?

Thanks in advance :D

Dave. :D

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i went for the side initially, but on my machine the torque was not offset very much, im now going to move it to the front because its less things to fiddle with when doing mostly xc (like i do). but if you are only flying locally then you possibly wont use you deck so it would be less hassle at the side

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I used to have a front mounted reserve ,,,,,but after one silly silly stupid mistake :oops:

when I was talking to somebody.....whilst I was buckling in ...I did not notice that my leg straps were not done up....because I couldnt see them ( the reserve was stopping me see them )....

what followed was something out of a big top trapeze routine ..I dont want to do again..... :oops: mine is now mounted behind my head.....I can see clearly now :mrgreen:

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Hello Dave,

I have a front reserve with built in flight deck and find it works well but i must admit when i first started to use it I found it a bit annoying dangling in front of me.

I would of thought it to be a little to heavy to mount on one side as it probably weighs in the region of 4 kilos in the container.

One thing I have found handy is an aluminium fold up platform that stands about two feet tall I use this to stand my paramotor on and i sit on it whilst i buckle myself in and i always fasten my leg straps first followed by chest and reserve last plus you don't have to sit on the wet ground hope this helps,Alan.

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My reserve is mounted by default to one side in such a way as to try to counter the torque that the motor produces.

The down side is that whilst on the ground there is a constant dragging of the right side of the harness and can be a bit of a nuisance.

I've also had a line under it at one time so extra pre-flight check needed.




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