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Damp wing - dilemma

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I tend to prefer to fly in the mornings. Evening flights are predominantly difficult because I have four kids to entertain and cart from pillar to post after school. The days that my wife deals with the kids are the days that are crap for a flight!! Always the way!

The mornings of late have been very wet with the grass sodden(dew).

My questions/queries are..........

If I lay my wing out ready for a flight, it will obviously be wet. Once in the air it will dry out but when landing again after an hour or so the wing will again be wet.

Can i pack it up without drying?

What would be the implications of just packing up? Rotten wing?

Ideally I would want the grass dry when I land - not always possible.

Take it home and dry it out? - ideal space is not available.

Wait for a dry day then dry it out? Will this be too late?

Its just that its very frustrating, I get to fly possibly once every three weeks!!!! :x

I want to open my flying window.

I was reading Dans piece under another thread about greater possible flying windows during winter.

Blow drying the grass with your motor before laying the wing out I suppose is an option?

But will you land in excatly the same spot - in my case - NO!!!!

I am sure this is encountered and dealt with?

I bet everybody will reply that they leave their wing spread out in the living room? :)

Any sueful helpful hints appreciated.


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If you can use a room where you can at least have the wing loose (spare bedroom, even the attic), and then get a fan heater on very low to move the air around, it will dry very quickly. Shifting the wing about will help too (the marital bed is fine, but might not be the marital bed for much longer depending on your relationship :-) ).

If the air is dryish, fling it over a rope strung down the garden, even in a zig-zag where space is limited.

As others have said, don't store it wet, although synthetic materials and threads are pretty resistant to mildew, your wing will smell well funky and sport some new attractive 'mould' designs. Think how mushrooms shoot up overnight, and you get an idea of how quickly mould can get hold.


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I don't see it in either thread, but if you live in a clime where you already have a dehumidifier, it will act as quickly or quicker then a heated space to remove moisture from the already repellent material and place it squarely, roundly or otherwise in a pourable receptacle where it belongs.

Wing doesn't need full exposure, but may need to be "fluffed" a couple times to expose pockets of trapped moisture. Even without it, it will eventually osmot to the dry spots, but maybe not before anaerobic buggers start snacking.

Mushrooms + wing = bad

Ripstop is pretty resilient, but coatings (even plastic bags) can be eaten by them fungii.

Any way you look at it, there's effort to keep it dry required.

Worth it for the sweet three week awaited flight tho.

Tight lines, dry wing.


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(even plastic bags) can be eaten by them fungii.

You just invented an eco friendly way to bin the bags.

If only the mushrooms could be eaten your on an eco winner.

Grow your own mushrooms from your old plastic bags!!


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I'm with t_andrews on this one, a dehumidifier is an excellent way of drying your wing out, I fluffed mine up after Saturdays flight, bunged it in the porch with the dehumidifier and it was bone dry the next morning. Also works well on the washing if it's pissing down outside (apparently).

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