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microlighter wants to get minimal

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I currently fly microlights (NPPL, 25 hours on thruster tst, 200 on weightshift). before that i flew paragliders, mostly abroad, annecy and turkey. however, no formal paragliding qualification. now i'm looking to get a more minimalist in my flying. I'm torn between doodlebug (not so portable, lots of rigging) and paragliding. i'm inclined towards paragliding, mainly because of all the flyin i've ever done, the most exciting was on a paraglider. however, money is a big consideration i want to fly safe, but lots of instruction would make the whole thing uneconomic. also, i'm not sure how welcome paragliders would be at microlight strips (the only airfields i'm familiar with). where do you fly from? do these venues insist on formal training proof?

I'd welcome any comments.


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it sounds like would need training only in certain areas, it is best to get proper guidance on kit technique and pitfalls in areas you have no experience.

or you will pay for it in new cages /props.

we fly from farmer fields mostly,

the sheep ask that you treat them kindly :mrgreen:

training need not be expensive.

Simon or Pete can no doubt guide you

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I'm sure Morgy just turned up from the paragliding world, proved his skills at the flagpole field then simply borrowed a wing and a motor and had a fly, he was hooked and ordered his gear virtually the same day. Like L_D says, you will need a bit of training in certain areas but the best thing is no need for formal proof of anything.

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